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Our journey commenced in 2010 with a vision to surmount the merchandise of Salesforce. SaaSnic is a brand in Salesforce for an era of seven years exhausting the planet with more than 150 assignments. We have made an impression in numerous stratums like Health-care, automobile, aeronautical, Information Technology, Retail, E-Commerce, Education and all kinds of Professional and Legal services. One of our laurels can be sighted with finest reviews making us CRM specialists.

We embrace every aspect in Salesforce to assemble our accolades one after another. SaaSnic is not restrained by the boundaries instead we believe in extending our value globally. We are generating our apprehension in Salesforce by designing technologies for App evolution, data assimilation, investigating, elevating and safeguarding business essentials.

A cardinal of services are being implemented by SaaSnic in Salesforce administration namely preserving leads, Strategy management, cloud assessment, project management, defining hierarchy, modifying page layouts and retaining reports and dashboards. Our exceptional professionals are ratifying profitable solutions which make us exclusive.

Our core proficiency lies in implementing solutions for any cloud based service. Solar CRM is one of the milestones that SaaSnic has gained in Salesforce. We are formulating everything under the cloud which is the plea of the future. Our principal essence is that we are translucent in our work and we are at parallel in abiding by business virtues.

Our quantum can be amplified by the rate at which our clients are burgeoning. SaaSnic is occupying the market of Salesforce at an alarming momentum. Our experts gratify our clients to boom their business by devising custom made operations.



Our mission

Our distinguished training sessions allows you to:

  • Benefit of the clients by adapting Salesforce CRM.
  • We manage Salesforce administration and complimentary clients can converge on their own work.
  • Work less and get the finest high-tech column.
  • Achieve best ROI to automate business process.
  • Deliver quality product within budget.

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